Government of Andhra Pradesh

SCSP Implementing Departments Department Name Name of the Spl.CS/Prl.Secy/Secretary Phone/Cell Number Fax Number Email ID
1 Agriculture Marketing & Co-Operation Secretariat Sri Budithi Rajasekhar, IAS,Special Chief Secretary 0863-2444668 0863-2444668,
2 Animal Husbandry, Dairy Development & Fisheries Secretariat Sri Gopal Krishna Dwivedi, IAS., Principal Secretary to Government 0863-2444539 23450279
3 Higher Education Secretariat Sri Aditya Nath Das, IAS,Spl. Cheif Secretary 0863-2444322 0863-2444322
4 Energy and Infrastructure Secretariat Sri Ajay Jain, IAS., Principal Secretary to Government 0863-2442309,2442310 0863-23451678
5 Secondary Education Secretariat Shri Aditya Nath Das, IAS.,Spl Cheif Secretary to Government, (SE, IE , PE & SSA) 0863-2444270 0863-2444270
6 Food & Civil Supplies Secretariat Sri Budithi Rajasekhar, IAS,Commissioner, Civil Supplies & Ex-Officio Principal Secretary to Government 0863-2444958 0866-2410127,
7 Health, Medical & Family Welfare Secretariat Smt. Poonam Malakondaiah, IAS,Princial Secretary to Govt 0863-2445030
8 Home Secretariat Smt.A.R.Anuradha, IPS., Principal Secretary to Govt 0863-2442380
9 Housing Secretariat Sri Kantilal Dande, IAS, Ex-Officio Secretary to Govt 0863-2445496
10 Water Resources Secretariat Sri Sashibhusan Kumar, IAS.,Secretary to Government(Minor, Medium and Major Irrigation) 0863-2444248
11 Industries and Commerce Secretariat Sri Solomon Arokia Raj, IAS., Secretary to Govt 0863-2442113,
12 Information Technology, Electronics & Communications Secretariat Sri K.Vijayanand, IAS., Principal Secretary to Government(FAC) 0863-2444243
13 Labour and Employment Secretariat Sri Neerabh Kumar Prasad, IAS., Spl. Chief Secretary to Government 0863-2445566
14 Law Secretariat Sri D.Venkata Ramana., Secretary to Government 0863-2441101
15 Municipal Administration and Urban Development Secretariat Sri R.Karikal Valaven, IAS., Principal Secretary to Govt. 0863-2442313 23450622,
16 Planning Secretariat Sri Sanjay Gupta, IFS., C.E.O & Ex-Officio Secretary to Govt. 0863-2442019, 2442704 23454133
17 Panchayat Raj and Rural Development Secretariat Sri K.S. Jawahar Reddy, IAS., Principal Secretary to Govt 0863-2445509
18 Revenue Secretariat Dr. Manmohan Singh, IAS., Special Chief Secretary to Government(Land, Endowments & Disaster Management) 0863-2444558 23452835
19 Skill Development, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Secretariat Sri Shamsher Singh Rawat, IAS., Principal Secretary to Government(FAC) 0863-244 3146 0863-244 3148
20 Social Welfare Secretariat Sri Muddada Ravichandra, IAS,Secretary to GovT.(SW) 0863-2443360
21 Transport, Roads and Buildings Secretariat Sri Neerabh Kumar, Prasad, IAS., Special Chief Secretary to Government 0863-2445340, 2445336 23450104
22 Women, Children, Disabled and Senior Citizens Secretariat Smt. K. Sunitha, IAS., Secretary to Government 0863-2445030 23450008
23 Youth and Sports Secretariat Sri L.V.Subramanyam, IAS.,Special Chief Secretary to Government (Sports & Youth Advancement) 0863-2443338